Store Policy &
Payment Options
Add 6% sales tax to the total (for West Virginia
residents only.)

If this is ok you can send a paypal payment to this
email address or M.O.
or cashiers check (sorry no personal checks) along with
a list of the items you purchased and/or a copy of this
email to
Panther Creek Blacksmith Shop
3916 Jettsville road
Fenwick WV 26202
If you're new to paying with paypal here are the
steps(during this process please make sure that your
mailing address with paypal is correct, I will mail to the
address provided to me on your paypal payment)
1. sign in to your paypal account
2. select the "send money" tab ot the top of the page
3. on the send money page.....
Recipient's email:
Amount: (whatever the amount is)
Currency: US Dollars
Category of Purchase: Goods (other)
Email Subject: Payment
Note: (Here, please copy and paste the above quote)
4. hit "continue"
5. verify info then hit "send money"

I should say that, being handmade all measurements
are approximate.
I usually start on orders within 1-10 business days of
receiving payment.  I will email you as soon as I receive
payment and again when your package(s) are shipped.  
I ship via usps priority mail, this usually gets a package
to you in 2-3 days from day of ship.  

This quote is good for 15 days. After that please
contact me for an updated quote.

Insurance is optional on orders under $100, just add the
appropriate amount to the total if you want it.
$1.35 ................ $0.01 to $50
$2.30 ................ $50.01 to $100
Most of the time the USPS is reliable, however I cannot
be responsible for packages lost or damaged by the
USPS so I Highly recommend you get the insurance.
On orders over $100, insurance is required and should
already be listed in your quote above.

If insurance is purchased remember that the article,
container and packiging must be presented to the
destination P.O. to file a claim for damage or loss of

USPS transit times may vary.


LISTED ITEMS; Satisfaction guaranteed on regular
listed items. Items must be returned within 30 days of
purchase and in original condition. Buyer pays all
shipping and handling costs. Buyer required to
purchase shipping insurance on all returns.  A 10%
restocking fee may be withheld from the refund at the
sellers discretion. No returns accepted or refunds given
on discounted items.

CUSTOM WORK; The seller will decide if refunds are
given on custom work or not. Decisions will be made on
an item by item basis. I will try to work with you on any
problems you may have, make repairs/adjustments etc.
it's just hard to resell some of these more unique items.
If a custom work return is accepted, buyer to pay all
shipping and handling charges and required to purchase
shipping insurance.
If you have any questions please feel free to email me.
Thanks for looking over our policy.

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